Dodge Golf


Dodge Golf is a fast-paced party game for four players. It is a combination of golf and dodge ball, where the objective is to be the one to hold onto a balloon the longest. Whoever hits the balloon with a dodge ball gets to hold it and thus gain points. Pick up power ups to get an edge over the competition.

This was my first project at FutureGames and it was made in two weeks.
Our team was composed of:

  • 4 x designers
  • 5 x 3D artists

My role

In this project I was the main scripter. Which means I made the unreal blueprints for the following functions:

  • Character movement
  • Aiming and shooting the balls
  • The logic for the balloon
  • Four different powerups (Tripple ball, Freeze, Strong/Weak, Reverse)
  • Ball spawning

Aiming and shooting

The players can grab the balls and start aiming if they press and hold the shoot button when a ball is in front of them. Power builds up in the shot and when they release the button they shoot. But other players can snatch the ball away if they are quick enough.

While aiming a shot, it is visualized by an arc in the color of the player. This is accomplished by drawing thick debug lines.