3D platformer prototype


This prototype is a side project I did at Futuregames in Unreal Engine 4.
It is basically the movement and core mechanics of a 3d platform game. A ”collect-a-thon” in the spirit of Banjo Kazooie or Spyro the Dragon.

I made it as Unreal Engine practice, but it could be made into an actual game sometime in the future.
The model and animations were bought at the asset store, but all the logic in the blueprints are made by me.



Jumping and double jumping

The character can both jump from the ground, and once in the air using its wings.



To gain more air time you can glide a short time by holding the jump button after a double jump.


Grab ledges

The ledge grab system was one of the first functions I wanted to implement since it adds a lot of control to tricky platforming.
If you get close enough to a ledge while being below it makes the character grab hold. Falling down on top of a ledge makes you bounce up without grabbing it.




Air dash

While in the air the player can use an air dash to get a surge of speed in the direction they are pulling the control stick. Air dashing into a wall makes you bounce off.



By pressing the attack button the player can attack enemies and other things. There are different animations when on the ground and in the air.



When the player picks up a white collectible it gets pushed in the direction of a point in the bottom left corner in front of the camera while trying to keep the apparent size.
I made the flash effect with a blueprint that manipulates several textured planes with transparency.



While holding the dash button while on the ground the player can run faster. The same as with the air dash bumping into a wall makes you bounce.


Ground pound

Pushing the ground pound button makes the character head towards the ground. This can be used to flatten some enemies.


Bouncy clouds

Fluffy clouds that can be jumped on for a small boost. The tessellation effect is based on world position which makes every cloud instance look unique.